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Before cannabis legalization swept across the country, “risk management” in marijuana meant something else entirely. But while running a legal cannabis business does not present the same risks from law enforcement (or worse actors), companies still face a wide array of risks that can result in fines, loss of license, and serious legal headaches. Download GuideBut while cannabis compliance guidelines can be remarkably complex, adhering to them helps companies maintain a level of safety that can protect their staff and their customers. Compliance requirements can also reduce the risk of product liability issues and the ramifications that they can have for businesses. 

In our guide, “Navigating Risk in the Seas of Cannabis Compliance,” we look at how cannabis regulations can be a company’s best friend or at least the pathway through which companies can build a culture of safety and risk management. 

Here are some of the main takeaways:

“The Cliff Notes of Cannabis” - Why Standard Operating Procedures are Essential

See why these step-by-step guides for compliance not only help companies stay ahead of the regulatory authorities but can also be a pathway to better risk management.

Why Cannabis Manufacturers and Retailers Need to Focus on their Supply Chain

A company can follow all of its safety and compliance measures brilliantly, but if its suppliers have a less stringent approach, it can all be for naught. See why focusing on your supply chain is key to risk management and avoiding product liability issues. 

Cannabis Education and How it Can Create a Safer Workplace

Cannabis manufacturing and retail employees aren’t born knowing the intricacies of compliance and workplace safety. See how better safety and cannabis education can help employees develop a culture of safety and responsible cannabis use. 

How Better Cannabis Training and Education Can Reduce Turnover

The cannabis industry has a high turnover rate. See how better investment in employee education and training can help them feel more committed to the future of their company and the requirements of compliance and risk management.

Why Cybersecurity Measures Must be Part of Risk Management in Cannabis

Cyberattacks can be remarkably easy to pull off, and they can spell ruin for even the most successful cannabis company. See why establishing a culture of cybersecurity vigilance is essential for risk management in cannabis. 

Opportunity abounds in legal cannabis, but the industry is rife with potential stumbling blocks regarding compliance and risk management. 

In “Navigating Risk in the Seas of Cannabis Compliance,” we look at how companies can better manage risk in cannabis and how education and compliance platforms like the Rootwurks LXP give companies the means to face these challenges head-on. 

To download a free copy of the guide, click here:

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Ben Hartman, Content Manager

Ben Hartman is a cannabis writing and marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in journalism and digital content creation. Ben was formerly the senior writer and research and analysis lead for The Cannigma.

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